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AUD 35.00
Heartwood Creek "Joy to Our World" 13.5cm x 7.5cm x 7cm $35. Christmas angel.
AUD 28.00
Angel with Wreath hanging ornament 12cm x 8cm x 5cm $28
AUD 40.00
Heartwood Creek "Love Lights the Season" - $40. Approx 13cm tall. Pint-sized angel with candles.
AUD 120.00
Heartwood Creek "May Blessings Fall Upon You" - $120. Approx 22.5cm tall. Glitter Winter Wonderland angel.
AUD 35.00
Heartwood Creek Nurse Angel Ornament - $35. Approx 11.5cm tall.
AUD 35.00
Heartwood Creek "Christmas Beauty" Ornament - $35. Approx 11.5cm tall. Angel with Poinsettia Garland.
AUD 87.00
Heartwood Creek "Strike a Chord for Christmas" - $87. Approx 21cm tall. Williamsburg collection.
AUD 29.00
Heartwood Creek "Irish Angel" Ornament - $29. Approx 11cm tall.
AUD 86.00
Heartwood Creek "Hold Hope in Your Heart" - $86. Approx 21cm tall. Breast Cancer angel for 2013.
AUD 40.00
Heartwood Creek "Rejoice on this Holy Night" - $40. Approx 11cm tall. Mini Nativity angel.
AUD 96.00
Heartwood Creek "Lord at Thy Birth" - $96. Approx 24cm tall. Nativity angel.
AUD 32.00
Heartwood Creek "Keep a Merry Beat" Ornament - $32. Approx 12cm tall. Williamsburg angel with drum ornament.
AUD 82.00
Heartwood Creek "Keep a Merry Beat" - $82. Approx 25cm tall. Williamsburg angel with drum.
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